Thursday, September 30, 2010


No interviews this week. Just good old fashioned TPB comic talk with the crew. My favorite part is Spence's history lesson on mailbags. You'll see...

Here's the write up and Spence's awesome cover with Daredevil's feelings about Cally's rambling:

Cally is back!!!! After completely infecting the internet, and alienating some great creators forever, Cally is back with gang dishing the dirt about comics and insulting minority groups. We talk about Wildstorm closing (apparently because DC has to move to California, according to the aforementioned Cally), Captain America photos – now with Capri pants! – a Twitter mixup with us and Jeff Parker, Gabriel Hardman giving us free AWESOME sketches (oh yeah!!!), our old alumni Jake Black, how awesome Batman: Brave and the Bold is, DC animated movies, and – what’s this?! – a very brief discussion about someone from the world of SPORTS!?!?!?!?! (We promise this will never happen again)

Cally and Spence throw “insolent twat” at each other, we talk about another comic podcast that gave us a kind review, Mark physically can’t admit his love of fantasy, and we have the return of two beloved segments – Cold Storage and Spence’s Sack! Plus, stay tuned for a great interview with an up-and-coming comic book writer and artist – and friend of the show – at the end of this episode!

Reviews for this week: Stuff Of Legend: The Jungle #2 and Skullkickers #1
Musical Selection: “Jungle Love” by Morris Day and The Time Direct download: TPB Issue #71

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